Commercial Roofing Services

Roof of a house
man working on the roof

A commercial roof protects everything that’s under it. We can stop a commercial roof or glazing leak during a storm but often the permanent repair has to be done when it isn’t raining. Our experts will execute a repair that fixes the problem the first time.

3 Essential Aspects of Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roof Installation

Depending on the material, pricing, labour hours, and difficulty level, the installation method of a commercial roofing system can vary greatly.

Roof Inspection

A complete commercial roofing system inspection includes examining the problem areas such as roof membranes, decking, vents, flashing, gutters, downspouts, and drainage pipes.

Maintenance of Commercial Roofs

It includes cleaning debris, treating any leaks, tears, or water damage, repairing flashing and HVAC systems on the roof, and ensuring the roofing material is in excellent condition.

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